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It is an experience in itself just to think about staging your home in preparation of selling. The market has come a long way from days that almost every house was simply empty waiting to be sold for its own unique character. You used to see only luxury home being staged to snatch the buyers in the vision of what could be, but now midrange homes are using this technique. This is partially related to the fact that we are seeing more companies getting into the staging rental business and the cost is not always for the wealthy. That however would be a whole other article, this is actually going to touch on the what could be done to do one's self.

After you give everything a fresh new and neutral paint job it's time to start decorating. Starting with the first area of the house buyers will see during an open house, the living room. Many often believe that the living room space becomes more utilizable if you tuck all the furniture against the wall. That just is not the case, bringing them together in the center to encourage conversation is a much more cleaner look. This way it allows foot traffic to flow around the group, so to not breakup the talk. It makes it comfortable when people are able to be closer and communicate more efficiently. Using artwork and accent furniture around various parts of each room that can be moved easily to capture someone’s imagination helps.

As you move into other areas you should notice a few themes that carry over from one room to the next. Lighting should be warm and cozy at a cool 100 watts per 50 square feet. Creating an ambiance that is soft enough to lure the potential homebuyer in, bright enough that they don't feel something is being hidden. The other common theme is lack of clutter. Each space should have just the essentials with meticulously placed accent pieces. The buyer needs to imagine the space belonging to them, so no family photos or personal interest nick-nacs that you are an avid collector of. Wall decor should mix it up a bit. Don't stack or line everything up vertically or horizontally, let the wall hangers hang in various configurations. This will give the illusion of a larger room. This applies to the tops of you table furniture. Vary the size of items that are on display. Three different sizes all nestled together will go far in creating a comfortable environment.

On to the bedroom specifics, don't be afraid to make it look like luxury. You should be using vibrant colors for your bed coverings that complement the tone of the room. Again, less is more in these spaces, open up the room, don't let it look cluttered, this includes closet spaces. If you are not living in the space, it is best to have empty closet space. If you are currently residing in the oasis, then always make sure that every closet is well organized with only the very minimal amount of personal belonging that you need to serve while you are working to find a buyer. If your closet space is stuffed, then it will make the potential buyer feel like it lacks storage space which is amongst the most desirable aspects home buyers seek when determining if they want your home.

When we walk into your bathroom now, we want to see character and cleanliness. Think about every time you have stayed at a nice hotel, towels are draped over the towel rod and soaps are neatly arranged for you use. Find decor that looks like it came out of a home magazine. Don't overdo the decor, one simple wall hanger should do, leave the counter space near the sink as clear as possible. This will make even a small bathroom seem a little larger. Oh, personal note, empty the trash before you show your home away from home off to potential buyers.

Lastly, minor repairs go a long way to helping you sell your home quickly. If the flooring has some imperfections, buyers will take notice so do yourself a favor and fix them up. I many cases you don't need to do a complete overhaul. Kitchen cabinets are important but can be pricy if you are looking at replacing everything, so may be try just swapping door faces. This is a cost-effective way to revitalize the kitchen and get it ready to sell. As far as decor, everything off the counters, often sellers think let me show of how well this juicer looks on the countertop, please don't. Potential buyers prioritize the spaciousness of the kitchen workspace. They need to be able to, without influence, imagine their own kitchen tools adorning the workspace for how they like to prepare their nutritional substances, food. If you have a chefs dinning space, then leave the little table empty, no table runners or fancy center pieces. As you may have figured out by now this whole process is about their ability to see themselves in your home.


Alin Max
3 hours ago

We are thinking about selling our house, I think we might need you to come help us with ours.

Max Julio
2 hours ago

I am having our first open house next weekend. This helps so much, I hope I can incorporate this into our stagging.

Ross Tailor
5 hours ago

Oh this is a great article, thank you!

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